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FIT 100 was born out of my belief that everybody should be given the opportunity to improve their strength, flexibility, eating habits, health, and fitness. Whilst working as a physiotherapist in a nursing home, I realised that so many elderly people had extremely limited mobility due to a small number of easily preventable factors. It was then I decided that I wanted to create a gym where everybody can learn about their body, how it moves and the importance of keeping it moving. It is through nutrition programs and learning functional movements that our clients begin to see and feel results.

At FIT 100, our knowledge comes from a range of disciplines, most notably; physiotherapy, strength and conditioning and nutrition. Our practice is based on scientific research and we keep up to date with what is at the cutting-edge of our field. At FIT 100, every client is screened to test their body composition and their functional movement (flexibility and strength).

Personal goals, lifestyle and preferences are all taken into account when designing individualised training and nutrition plans for our clients. We build bespoke rehabilitation programmes for current injuries and minimise the risk of future injuries. We continuously work closely with them to encourage them on their journey.

When you step into FIT 100, you will notice that it is more than just gym equipment. It is a community. Our coaches spur you on when you’re reaching your goals and motivate you when you’re down. Likewise, our clients motivate each other to stay improving.

We take this personal approach so seriously that FIT 100 will only take on 100 new members per year. We believe that going above 100 new members compromises the close-knit nature of our community. We limit membership in this way so that each client has our undivided attention, and so that everybody knows everybody else’s name.

You do not have to be ‘fit’ to join FIT 100. You just have to be committed to getting fitter. Knowledge is at the core of our practice. We believe that knowledge is power. So many nutrition and training myths exist in the media. We separate the fact from the fiction. We empower our community by teaching them how to feed and train their bodies. It is more worthwhile to teach someone to do something than to do it for them. In this way we coach you so that in time, you can become your own coach. A fit mind and a fit body enables our clients to reach their fullest potential.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to be healthier and happier in an environment that is friendly and welcoming.

Fáilte go FIT 100!

Colm :)


Expert Tailored Programming

We do not believe that one shoe fits all. Thus we offer everyone tailored programming. We start by addressing your mobility and stability as it is the foundation of any effective training. Simply put if you are not mobile enough, or stable enough, you will never get the most out of your training and you are putting yourself at greater risk of injury. Everyone at FIT 100 gets a core strengthening program and mobility exercises to address weak points.

Functional Strength

Our Functional Strength classes are all about making you stronger, leaner. You will get your own Functional Strength program. Each program is tailored to your specific needs and goals. As you learn more and progress so does your program. Everyone, whether 9 or 90 years old, should be Resistance Training or Strength Training. Combining our Functional Strength training with appropriate nutrition is your best way to lose body fat, tone up and look more like an athlete.

Max Strength & Power

Strength and power are very closely related. Jumping, sprinting and olympic lifting are good example of power exercise. This class is similar to our Functional Strength class. It will make you jump higher and run faster while building core and whole body strength. Everyone of our members gets a Max Power program that progresses as your learn more. This is scaled to your level of ability and is suitable for everyone.

High Intensity & Metabolic Conditioning

If you are fit to exercise, your should be doing High Intensity Training. Our High Intensity or Met. Con. training will get your adrenaline pumping. The classes are designed to work your whole body and burn as many calories as possible in as short a period as possible. At FIT 100 we use a variety of High Intensity Training types and scale it to your level. If you need to take it slow, no problem, If you're looking for something to push you, look no further.


It is true what they say, abs are made in the Kitchen. No training program is complete without an accompanying nutrition program. Everyone at FIT 100 gets a nutrition program when they sign up. We are constantly talking about nutrition. We give nutrition advice on all of our social media accounts and have a comprehensive nutrition guide available to everyone on our website.

Workshops & Seminars

Educating people is central to what we do at FIT 100. Everyday you come to train you will learn something new. We have regular workshops on nutrition, core control, injury prevention, squatting, deadlifting and olympic lifting. Our workshops have a theory and practical component so that we can give you live feedback on your technique. All workshops are free for our members. There is also a €20 PAYG option.

Assessment & Testing Days

We have months reviews and testing to track our your progress. We take a series of body measurements and calculate your body fat, lean body mass and give you advice on your progress. We also have a series of physical tests; one rep max tests, lower and upper body strength tests, power test and endurance tests. Not only will your body look different every month but you will be surprised at what you are capable of.


One of the major pitfalls of most gyms is a lack of sense of community. This is the number one reason that people give up and never achieve their health and fitness goals. We are blessed with friendly and genuine members that are always willing to give a helping hand and new members are always given a warm welcome. Not only do we train together, we also socialise together. We take on local fitness challenges and have monthly meet ups outside the gym.

What's Possible

This is one of our very first clients. These photos are one year apart. There is 85 pounds in the difference. This particular member embraced our training and nutrition programme which not only brought about massive changes in appearance and body composition but massive improvements in health, vitality and quality of life. Best of all he is back out on the hurling pitch for the first time in years. Now he wants to build muscle and get stronger while continuing to lose fat. At FIT 100 our goals are his goals; become a better hurler and have a six pack. This represents what is achievable with our individual training and nutrition programmes and our customised group training.

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